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Basic literacy
• Humanities / Social Care
• Civic literacy / international perspective

Educational goals
1. Cultivate "new technology art" talents
2. Cross-disciplinary creative talent training
3. Promote the development and internationalization of domestic science and technology

Core competence
A.Cross-domain integration capabilities
B.Communication skills
C.Creative implementation ability


Master's Program
First grade
Compulsory: Special Topics in Arts and Technology (I) (II), Introduction to New Media and Technology Arts, Monographs on Technology Arts
Electives: computing media, physical computing, art and social media

Second grade
Compulsory: Graduation topic creation (I) (II), topic discussion (I) (II)
Elective: Contemporary Exhibition Planning: Theory and Practice

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Learning status

• Contemporary Exhibition Planning: Theory and Practice Course Group Report • Techno Art creation(II) 課程說明


Course activities

• Visit the exhibition space
• Invite professors from various schools to give lectures on new media technology art topics
• Tecno Art Topic Creation Final Exhibition-Broken Windows Effect: Exhibition posters and the condition at Zuimei Space
• Computing Media Final Results Exhibition-MovISee: Presentation at C-Hub,NCKU Creative Base Exhibition Hall
• Final results of physical computing published


Participation plan

• Tainan City Government Cultural Bureau: Yuejin Port Lantern Festival
Transfer Memory-LO,YI-NING、YEH,TAI-YU Persimmon(See) Art-YU,TING-YI、HUANG,PEI-SHAN
Transfer Memor Exhibition situation Persimmon(See) Art Exhibition situation
• Tainan Municipal Government Cultural Bureau Xiao Lon International Art Village Progressive Tainan Artists Group Exhibition
Curator: Ming Turner Associate Professor Augmented reality interactive artwork YU,TING-YI、HUANG,PEI-SHAN
Interactive artwork LI,YI-CHIN Interactive artwork LO,YI-NING、YEH,TAI-YU
• 2017Tainan City Museum Festival Plan:[Techno Art X Sword Lion] Fantasy Lion Realm
Ming Turner Associate Professor& Techno Art students 《 Fantasy Lion Realm》
• 2018 Next Art Tainan 《Under The Skin》New media cross-sector performance
British artist Ashok Mistry & Tainan Dancer CHANG,HSIN-YU 《Under The Skin》
• 2019 Next Art Tainan 《Mobile Home》
British Artist Mike Stubbs & NCKU Students 《Mobile Home》
• 2019 Next Art Tainan Public parade  #Action art  #Gender issues
Under the established gender norms, why are newborns brought into life, purpose and objects

Norwegian Artist Ane Lan &Tainan DancerCHANG,HSIN-YU.OU,YI-CHUN

• 2019年6月 First Grade Exhibition
• 2019年6月 Second Grade Exhibition


Host an international seminar

• 2016/11/14-17
  The 3rd International Symposium of Taiwan Techno Art Society "Conflict and Cooperation-The Future of Techno Art "
  The 3rd ISAT: Collision, Collaboration and the Future of Artsci
Seminar website and invited speakers Seminar poster
• 2018/11/22-24
  2018 Asian Digital Art and Design Seminarbr />   the 2018 Asian Digital Art and Design Seminar

Speakers invited by the seminar Seminar poster