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Master Program on Techno Art is set up in the School of Planning and Design, the Department of Integrated Architecture, the Department of Urban Planning, the Department of Industrial Design, and the Creative Industry Institute. A field of exploration and experimentation.

The goal of Master Program on Techno Art is to explore the possible artistry and artistic behavior of contemporary science and technology, and from the other side, to explore the scientific and technological nature of some contemporary arts and their future possibilities. Art is the wisdom crystallization of the development of human civilization. The way of artistic creation reflects the unique collective mental state of the times and society. Therefore, the multiple forms of contemporary technology and art gradually break through the definition of traditional art and continue to expand our imagination of art.

Based on the cultivation of future science and technology talents and the pursuit of the development of science and technology, Master Program on Techno Art has several core essences:


1. Humanistic spirit of Techno Art

The essence of art lies in human feelings. The humanistic spirit provides indispensable nutrients for creation, and it also allows Techno Art to have more levels of expression space.

2. Human-computer interaction creation mode

The sensory experience created in the process of human-computer interaction goes beyond previous learning forms and expands the imagination of the creator, thus establishing a more contemporary creative ability.

3. Cultivation of integrated thinking

A learning model that combines different professional fields and technologies, allows creators to get used to integrated thinking, and also helps to develop creative skills with personal characteristics

4. Digital design and development of "MAKER" character

Make good use of various digital software and hardware design tools, so that creators can lead the conception and production process of works, deeply understand the scientific and technological principles of creative tools, and strengthen the future competitiveness of creators.

5. Combining real and virtual creativity

From augmented reality to virtual reality, they continue to create and explore the limits of human senses, walking between real and virtual, forming a philosophical creative thinking.