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Admission Information for 109 Academic Year_

Exam items:

1. Works, Assets Review (40%): Please upload the following items in sequence, and the recommendation letter will be operated in accordance with the registration system [Recommendation letter operation](Please read page 2 of the brief)
(1) Resume
(2)University or equivalent academic transcript (including ranking)
(3) Master's degree creation practice plan (in A4 straight format, 12pt font, the content must include autobiography, goals, plan content, execution method and steps)
(4) Work Assets(format no restrictions, co-creation must indicate contribution in the work)
(5)Two letters of recommendation
(6) Other resources that contribute to clarify personal ability ( such as: patent, award certificate, foreign language ability certificate, performance certificate, work experience , etc.)

2. Written test: Design review (20%)

3. Interview (40%)


1. Including 5 screening places.
2. Works, assets and review are uploaded at the time of registration.
3. Only those who pass the written test and the work and resource review results will be required to participate in the interview. The list is published on this program website.
4. The course of this degree will be taken over by the Department of Architecture from the 108th academic year. The period will make the course more complete and unique in cross-disciplinary learning and future development.
5. There is no limit to the qualifications for applying for this degree program. Space and design departments (such as architecture, industrial design, product design, fashion design, new media art, digital media design, interactive design, visual communication) and engineering are welcome Students from departments such as information engineering, electrical engineering, machinery, materials, and civil engineering, etc., who are interested in cross-disciplinary arts and design integration study and creation, and have imaginative and executive students apply.
6. The academic degree research guidance is under the joint guidance of professors in and outside the school, with digital manufacturing, mixed reality, interactive art, and information vision as the main areas of exploration, and focuses on the design of thinking ability and the formation of integrated thinking. For the latest information, please refer to the announcement on the official website of this program.


For other detailed information, please check the latest news of our school registration group.

Registrar's Office announcement URL: http://reg.acad.ncku.edu.tw/p/406-1041-199960,r1822.php?Lang=zh-tw

Registration URL:https://campus4.ncku.edu.tw/door

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